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Is Cash too Safe

Is cash too safe?

One of the great themes of the past 16 months has been accidental savings: the amount people in the UK have “saved” by the simple expedient of not being able to go out and spend.  “Thrifty Brits stash the cash in lockdown” has been a typical headline, quickly followed by an estimate of how much …

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Market Commentary

Market Commentary March 2021

Introduction Welcome to the March Market Commentary: as you will see below, February was a good month for world stock markets with virtually all the major markets moving in the right direction. It was also the month which saw the rollouts of various vaccines accelerate in many countries. As we write on the morning of …

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Raising Finance

4 Tips for raising finance equity

Raising investment is rarely easy, especially when you’re looking to raise significant sums in the current climate. You can, however, give yourself the best possible chance of attracting investors and ultimately convincing them that the opportunity you’re offering is right for them. Preparation is key, and there are steps that you can take to maximise …

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Financial Commentary

Market Commentary January 2021

Introduction 2020 has been a year like no other, and yet – as we will see below – the majority of world stock markets have enjoyed a good year. It was also a good year for Joe Biden, who defeated Donald Trump in November’s Presidential election, and for supporters of Brexit. Finally, some 4½ years …

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Financial Advice

The changing face of financial advice

This article discusses how financial advisers across the nation have adapted to continue to deliver a valuable service at a period of upheaval which hasn’t been seen since the Second World War. Covid-19 has completely changed the way financial planners deliver advice. At the drop of a hat, the industry had to embrace years’ worth …

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