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Work-Life Balance

Is a work-life balance a dealbreaker?

Striking the right balance between work and other aspects of your life, such as family responsibilities and hobbies and pastimes, can be very hard. But that doesn’t mean people won’t take serious measures to make it happen. According to a study by Travel Counsellors, half of working people in the UK expect to leave their …

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Financial Market May 2024

Market Commentary May 2024

Introduction For several months now, we’ve been noting that while growth remains slow across much of the globe, the worst of the inflation crisis seems to have passed. The International Monetary Fund believes the world economy has been “remarkably resilient” in recent years, noting that despite “many gloomy predictions, the world avoided a recession, the …

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Would you open a British ISA

Would you open a British ISA?

Jeremy Hunt’s Spring Budget was a rather unflashy affair, with no big headline-grabbing, rabbit-out-of-the-hat moment. This was a surprise when you consider that we’re in a general election year, but it does explain why the reaction to the entire fiscal event was rather muted and why the Budget hasn’t moved the dial politically. But there …

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Financial Market Commentary April 2024

Market Commentary April 2024

Introduction Although many of the world’s major economies have struggled to achieve strong growth in recent months, there is a sense that some key markets are starting to turn a corner. The worst of the inflation crisis, for instance, seems to be behind us, and central banks that had been hiking interest rates are now …

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Loud Budgeting

What is loud budgeting?

Money can often be something of a taboo subject, so many of us stay tight-lipped even if we’re desperate to say something. But a new trend, termed “loud budgeting”, suggests that attitudes could be changing. This trend, which is growing in popularity on platforms such as TikTok, encourages open discussion about your finances and why …

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